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Manhattan the classic cocktail

A Manhattan cocktail doesn´t need any introduction. We will show you, how to prepare Manhattan at home and which ingredients you could use for this tasty classic drink.

How to prepare cocktail?

  1. To the mixing glass (you can use any glass, you have at home) put some ice rocks and pour 4 ounces of whisky, 5-6 ounces of sweet vermouth, and 1 ounce of bitter aperitive.
  2. Stir the ingredients in the mixing glass with cocktail spoon and prepara the strainer to devide the ice rocks and drink.
  3. Into the cocktail glass (you can use v-shape glass, or this rounded, champagne glass) spill the drink over the strainer, so you don´t have ice rocks in glass.
  4. You can use cocktail cherry as a garnish.


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